All the Emotions

Actor John Maslowski, like so many of his peers, brought a fresh and unexpected set of emotions to his improvisational performance for RUE.  Neither John nor any of the other actors knew any of the details surrounding the particular regrets that they gave voice to, but amazingly, they were able find a kind of common experience and imaginative connection so that their regrets seemed downright personal.

By the end of Maslowski’s performance, the room full of crew and producers were all asking themselves:  “Did that really happen to him?”

In a sense the process of RUE — strangers making sense of one another’s dark places — draws all of us together.  We realize the continuity between our own dark places and the darkness that plagues those around us.

The fact that John and others were able to communicate that connection with authenticity and generosity made the whole performance even more worthwhile.



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