Further In…

Director and Producer Andrew Rudd dialogues with The Interviewer, Justin Edenhofer. Rudd and his creative collaborator Lawrence Hines invented the notion of this project accidentally.  As they improv’d a mis-understanding on social media about regret and the past, they started to develop the idea at the heart of RUE — that when people look more closely at the past — it becomes less stable and more dangerous.

During the filming of RUE, Rudd collaborated with Edenhofer in order to push the actors farther than they had considered into the fantasy that they were working from.  This kind of Active Imagination mirrors the kind of work that psychoanalyst, Carl Jung advocated.  Jung suggested that when we intentionally move CLOSER to the images of our fantasies (including fears, horrors, dreams and ideals) we approach the value and understanding that our own unconscious offers us.

On the movie set, this meant listening, questioning, prodding and imagining all of the possible outcomes that could emerge as we move to those treasured (and loathed) memories of our own mistakes and regret.



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